Preparing your team for launch.

Who We Are

4M is a new cost-effective acceleration paradigm that allows dedicated teams to focus in a full-service, co-living and co-working space. The 4M process offers an immersive, supportive and meticulously curated thrive environment for 6-12 months, while saving substantial operating costs. The 4M flagship, strategically located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers a main campus and three additional complexes within a two block radius.

What We Do


Fully immerse your team in the collaborative, co-adaptive environment.


4M’s co-working space is designed as an immersive and collaborative team.


4M’s cost-savings focus keeps your teams agile while reducing unnecessary spending.

Our General Process of
Working with Teams

 What if one company could reduce costs, erase escalating challenges and mitigate the high risk associated with onboarding new employees into high tech markets?

What if this company provided a forum for preparing teams to work in both contemporary and decentralized environments – ready to leverage machine learning and AI technology?

What if this company could accomplish all of this in such a way that new employees were free to focus on engaging as team members and technical development, innovative thinking and project work? What if this company could provide an experience that was so engaging that it reversed its customers’ retention issues?

Meet 4M, a full-scale onboarding ecosystem built to leap-frog costly constraint issues and accelerate the workforce into full and collaborative productivity. The 4M facilities are designed to be as sleek and beautiful as an Apple store, using digital tools that are as simple and elegant as an iPhone interface, and supported by a team of high-end experts. Like Apple, 4M provides the environment, expertise and openness that allows every customer to have an optimal experience – whether lifestyle or work-based – for teams to thrive. 

4M delivers the full-scale acceleration ecosystem at a fraction of the cost and provides the kind of experience that we believe will enhance retention and workforce innovation.

On-site Tools

Fiber drop

Podcast and video production studios

Teleconferencing equipment

Private, team, and co-working spaces

Use of 4M Partner Software Licenses

Productivity and Experience Curation Staff

Uniqueness of the Curated Experience

The Curated Experience Design is tailored to the productivity and social requirements of resident teams

Collaboration and Team Building

Problem Solving and Productivity Training

Local and Regional Event Production based on resident team interest

Instant Network

Trusted Allies

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4M Campus and Living Facilities

830 Henry


60 1 bed, 1 bath co-living units


One 3 bed, 2 bath executive residence


2500 SQ FT co-working space (that can be partitioned)


Shared fleet and parking


Fiber drop and podcast and video production studio

812 Henry


Adjacent to 830 Henry


4 units (1 unit a studio : 3 units 2 bed/2bath)


Fully renovated in 2019

1505 White Street


1 block from 830 Henry


1 unit (6 beds/6.5 baths)


Large co-working space


New build in 2018

1424 Golden


2 blocks away from 830 Henry


9 Units (1 unit is a 4 bed/3bath : 8 units are 2 bed/1 bath)


Fully renovated in 2018


Large co-working space under construction

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830 Henry St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA