What if one company could provide your growing team with an all-encompassing living and working space to accelerate the launch of your startup to the next critical step…funding, product launch, customer deliverable…while at the same time reducing your burn and strengthening your team’s connection?

What if this company could accomplish all of this in such a way that team members were free to focus on engaging and technical development, innovative thinking, and project work? What if this company could provide a collaborative experience with mission-critical resources, other grinding startups, and investors that was so engaging it dramatically accelerated output and increased team efficiency?

Meet 4M, a full-scale growth ecosystem built to leap-frog costly constraint issues and accelerate your startup toward your mission critical objectives. The 4M facilities are designed to be as sleek and beautiful as an Apple store, using digital tools that are as simple and elegant as an iPhone interface, and supported by a team of high-end experts. Like Apple, we provide the environment, expertise, and openness that allow every resident to have an optimal experience – whether lifestyle or work-based – for teams to thrive.

4M delivers the full-scale launch ecosystem at a fraction of the cost of traditional living, working, and transportation and provides the kind of experience that we believe will enhance team efficiency, collaboration, and professional networks. Bring your team to our campus and prepare to launch!


4M provides an expertly curated experience for founders and their core teams, supporting rapid growth, providing access to resources and producing events needed to meet their needs. The objective is simple: to help teams launch faster. 4M does this by:

Providing accelerating teams needed insight, perspective and collaboration from a community of similarly focused peers.
Providing a regional network of investors hungry for opportunity.
Scheduling regular pitch demos, meetings, and other mission-critical events.
Producing events that will allow teams to enjoy the space, culture, and amenities of the local and regional area.

We coordinate with teams to interact with all things Venture – investor events, networking events, involvement in regional showcases, pitch meetings and more. By offering our space to similar startup teams, all participating teams share in a nuanced and collaborative accelerating environment, designed to boost the pathway to success.


The costs of living in Tier 1 markets (San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York) are astronomically expensive and make an acceleration interval prohibitively expensive. 4M focuses on aligning your team acceleration with the objectives of the founder while delivering an exquisite, multi-platform environment with private, collaborative, and creative spaces all well below the living and working budgetary constraints faced by any startup member in a rapidly evolving team.

Teams save on the hard the costs of living, working, creativity and transportation. 4M also allows incoming teams to hit the ground running instantaneously…commute times are non-existent, workspace is ample and productivity tools are on site. Burn-rate and time are key factors for any startup; 4M is here to extend your runway to launch.

Not to be overlooked? The time-savings and efficiency associated with the 4M ecosystem. Collaborating with similar teams will help startups identify blind alleys and oversights sooner, allowing for more agile development. Curated investor meetings and pitch opportunities will allow founders to focus much more time on what really matters: the needs and objectives of their growing business.

4M’s offerings are designed to improve the bottom-line of any growing team. Our purpose is to support team acceleration to the next level.

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