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This is a landing page for our tech partners, to showcase the partners we currently have and to provide a way for companies to reach out to us in order to inquire about being a partner. So what does it mean to be a partner with 4M?

By being a partner with 4M, you are utilizing the campus to showcase your product. Our residents are agile workers, from independent freelancers to employees of corporate companies, and the landscape to innovate and become more efficient is always changing. Our select tech partners provide quality services to the 4M campus residents for a number of reasons:

To utilize our ever-rotating, highly-educated and specialized client-base, to test out products or product changes

To introduce specialized tools and services to new independent workers, startup teams, and corporate clients

Become the forefront of the share-economy, achieving success in an ecosystem that practices what it preaches.

How to become a Tech Partner

Becoming a Tech Partner with 4M is as simple as three easy steps:


Introductory meeting with the 4M Team

Discussion on how to best implement your tech within the 4M ecosystem of co-living, co-working, and co-mobility

Implementation of your product to the 4M campus
The 4M team works hand-in-hand with our tech partners to ensure each partnership is mutually beneficial. From micro-mobility electric scooters to on-boarding software, 4M is prepared to seamlessly place any product into our ecosystem.

Current Tech Partners

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