What if one company could reduce costs, erase escalating challenges and mitigate the high risk associated with onboarding new employees into high tech markets?

What if this company could accomplish all of this in such a way that new employees were free to focus on super-skills and technical development, innovative thinking and project work? What if this company could provide an experience that was so engaging that it reversed its customers’ retention issues?

Meet 4M, a full-scale onboarding ecosystem built to leap-frog costly constraint issues and accelerate the workforce into full and collaborative productivity. The 4M facilities are designed to be as sleek and beautiful as an Apple store, using digital tools that are as simple and elegant as an iPhone interface, and supported by a team of high-end experts. Apple provides the environment, expertise and openness that allow every customer to have an optimal experience with their products. In the same vein, 4M provides the space and support – whether lifestyle or work based – for new hires to thrive.

4M delivers the full-scale onboarding ecosystem at a fraction of the cost of traditional onboarding and provides the kind of experience that we believe will enhance retention and workforce innovation.


4M provides an expertly curated experience for our corporate clients and their onboarding teams for the full duration of their residential stay. The focus of each 4M creation is to align the residential experience with the objectives of the company. The curated experience involves engaging work and social activities that promote collaboration, problem-solving, collective innovation and team building.

The curated experience has multiple objectives:

To help team members develop soft skills that are highly beneficial in the decentralized workplace.
To use these experiential connections to create team loyalty and cement retention
To enjoy the space, culture, and amenities of the local and regional area
The 4M campus facilities were built to deliver an exquisite multi-platform. Private spaces, collaboration spaces, creativity spaces and more are artfully coordinated into a thrive environment


The costs of living in Tier 1 markets (San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York) are astronomical and elevate the costs and risks of on boarding new employees in market.

Add to this:

The annual cost of turnover ($4.0M/100 new hires in Tier 1 markets)
The unnecessarily high tax umbrella which leads to paying taxes on income needed to pay highly inflated market costs
Lost time/opportunity costs related to multiple Tier 1 market constraints
Stationing new employees for onboarding/Year 1 at a 4M campus will cost well below half the payroll required to support the cost of their living, working and transportation in a Tier 1 market. This substantially reduces the cost of turnover as well as reducing the tax burden.

What to do with all those unspent dollars? How about using them to prepare for workforce dynamics. Saved dollars can be redirected for:

Employee training. Investment in collaboration and productivity training for centralized and remote teams to build the foundation for decentralized workforce dynamics.
Product development or other innovative needs of the company.
Higher employee discretionary income. Reduction in market-related costs will allow companies to offer more attractive compensation packages to employees they seek to retain.

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